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Troop Photos - Over the Years

Over the years the Troop has been very active, attending campouts each month, performing Service Projects in the Community and just having fun.
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Troop Activities

Year Date Location Description
 01/17 - 01/19

 Camp Campbell

On a bitterly cold weekend, the boys worked on the Cooking Merit Badge, which is now a new Eagle required MB. The boys stayed warm, but were happy to get back to Raleigh on Sunday. 
11/08 - 11/10

 10/18 - 10/20

 09/20 - 09/22

 08/16 - 08/18

 07/12 - 07/14

 06/16 - 06/22

 05/11 - 05/13

 04/05 - 04/07

 03/08 - 03/10

 02/08 - 02/10 
 01/12 - 01/12


 Camp Campbell 

 Camp Tuscarora

 Mount Rogers


 Summer Camp

 Oregon Inlet

 Camporee - Camp Durant

 Rolling View

 Camp Campbell 

 Harris Lake State Park
The Webelos IIs joined the Troop at Camp Durant for some fun activities including building the monkey bridge again.

Pioneering at Camp Campbell, built monkey bridge.

Annual hiking trip, this time to Mount Rogers in Virginia. The weather held for the 12 mile hike upto the summit and back down again, but it poured down Saturday evening and throughout the night.
Lots of cold and wet Scouts in the morning.

A fishing day at Shinleaf State Park

This years Summer Camp trip was to Camp Durant.

A beautiful day on Saturday, a little chilly at night though. Worked on cleaning up park as part of the Environmental Science theme.

Wilderness Survival weekend.

Disk Golf and just a fun days camping.

Troop Activities

Year Date Location Description
 11/09 - 11/11

 10/12 - 10/14

 09/14 - 09/16


 08/11 - 08/12

 07/20 - 07/22

 06/24 - 06/29

 05/11 - 05/13


 04/13 - 04/15 

 03/09 - 03/11


 02/10 - 02/12

 01/13 - 01/15
 Camp Durant



We were joined by the Webelos IIs from Pack 314. We planned Tower climbing, bouldering and Geo-Caching. Everyone had a great weekend, perfect weather.

We visited Damascus, VA for our trip to the Virginia Creeper. It has been a number of years since we went in the Fall and the weather was perfect.We had 23 boys and 11 adults who attended the trip and only 3 of the older Scouts got a little banged up.

Backpacking trip to Raven Rock State park. Everyone was exhausted by the time Sunday came around.

Friday night and Saturday night was very stormy and we had a number of wet tents. Saturday was beautiful and we all had an awesome day in EC.

We had 30 boys attend Summer Camp at Camp Daniel Boone, in Canton NC. A number of boys choose the High Adventure program. The temperature was much cooler as we were up in the mountains. 

14 boys went canoeing in Virginia, it was the first action adventure for our new scouts. Everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect.

Our younger scouts attended the District Camporee, while the older boys went to Camp Campbell where they enjoyed water skiing using Mr. Jennings's boat.

Webelos II Bridging Ceremony

The boys spent Saturday shooting and working on rank advancements.Cold mornings, but beautiful sunny weekend.

Working on Camping MB, very cold and windy.

Orienteering and Geocacheing, beautiful sunny weekend,
2011  11/11 - 11/13

 10/14 - 10/16

 09/16 - 09/18

 08/12 - 08/14

 07/15 - 07/17

 06/19 - 06/25

 05/13 - 05/15

 04/08 - 04/10

 03/11 - 03/13

 02/18 - 02/20

 01/14 - 01/16
 Camp Durant

 Raven Rock State Park

 Shinleaf State Park

 Elizabeth City

 Sliding Rock Pisgah Forest
 Camp Durant

 Virginia Creeper

 Camp Reeves

 Camp Charles

 Camp Tuscarora

 Camp Campbell
Webelos weekend.

Backpacking trip.

Our annual trip canoeing.

Even in July 48deg water is cold!!

Summer Camp

Wilderness camping.

The weather was much better for our trip to Tuscarora this year.