2005 - 2006

Troop Activites spanning the years 2005 - 2006


Troop Activities

Year Date Location Description
 2006  11/10 - 11/12

 10/13 - 10/15

 09/15 - 09/17


 08/11 - 08/13

 07/14 - 07/16

 06/25 - 07/01

 05/12 - 05/14


 04/07 - 04/09


 03/10 - 03/12

 02/17 - 02/19

 01/14 - 01/16
 Umstead Park
 Life-to-Eagle Backpacking

 Virginia Creeper

 Williamsburg/Busch Gardens

 Elizabeth City

 Tsali NC

 Summer Camp

 Oregon Inlet

 Swimming Merit Badge

 Raven Knob

 Camp Charles

 Camp Durant

 Harris Lake
Even though it rained on Sunday, we had two perfect days on Friday and Saturday at Umstead Park. We were joined on Saturday by some Cub Scouts from Packs 314 and 374. We worked on our lashings and got in a little hiking. If only we could guarantee weather like that for all our November camp-outs...

Beautiful was a word heard many times on our trip to Grayson Highlands State Park and the Virginia Creeper. The blue skies, the color on the trees and the day for a bike ride all fit the description. Warm, however, was not a word heard very often on the trip.
We hope the Webelos from Pack 332 enjoyed their trip with us. We enjoyed having them.

The trip to Williamsburg/Busch Gardens, VA was a little wet. It's almost like the rain was practicing all day, getting a little harder each time. By the time the monsoon came at 10:30, everyone was ready to leave anyway. We were glad we made the 11:30 ferry and when we got back to the campsite, it looked like it hadn't rained at all.

The morning clouds gave way to the sun and a beautiful day at Elizabeth City. We enjoyed swimming, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, tubing, knee boarding, and all manner of water acivities.
Thank you to Mr & Mrs Reid for their hospitality. Mr. Poole did a great job on the fish fry, as always, and as the song says, "the stars put on a show for free" that evening.

Bonus points if anyone can find Tsali NC on the map. That's where we went on our White Water Rafting trip. We camped at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National park. The rafting trip went off without a hitch, once we found the outfitters.

OK, so our luck with the weather didn't hold out for summer camp at Camp Powhatan, but it was still fun.
The little river that ran through the camp site ran between the tents, not under them, and I don't think anything of real value washed away. We can also be thankful that when the creek next to the road to camp flooded, all the bridges retained their structural integrity, even though one of them was under water for a while. Otherwise, we might still be there.

We had another great weekend for camping at Oregon Inlet/Outer Banks. The weather was perfect all weekend and the storms moved in right after we left. Jockey's Ridge was very popular and the beach was very relaxing. The water was cold, but we had a few scouts who couldn't resist a little body surfing. The moon rising over the ocean and a campfire on the beach topped off the day. The state wildlife officers even provided a little extra excitement.

We had a great time at Raven Knob .
We also want everyone to know that we did not get lost. We did learn a few things however:
When the trail leads you off the camp map, you may want to reconsider the route.
When the time on the 5 mile hike exceedes 4 hours, something is a little off.
And, finally, if you can't find the trail, MAKE ONE.
We ate like kings that evening at the patrol cook off. All the groups did a great job and everything was delicious. Due to time constraints, the cobbler cook off has been moved back to the May trip.

We worked on our wilderness survival skills at Camp Charles. Three groups of boys built shelters, but only one group actually stayed in their's all night. The rain on Saturday night was disappointing because it kept the other two groups in camp, but it was badly needed.

We had quite a shoot out at Camp Durant.
Ten of the 16 boys on the camp out qualified for the rilfe shooting merit badge. Good shooting guys.
The rain/snow was pretty light on Saturday and it cleared off nicely by Sunday morning. It's just too bad it was pushing 20 degrees.

We did some trail maintenance in the morning. The plan was to play disc golf in the afternoon, but the wind made it pretty tough.


Troop Activities

Year Date Location Description
 2005 11/11 - 11/13

 10/21 - 10/23

 09/23 - 09/25

 08/19 - 08/21

 07/15 - 07/17

 06/19 - 06/25

 05/13 - 05/15

 04/08 - 04/10

 03/11 - 03/13

 02/11 - 02/13
 Camp Durant

 Virginia Creeper

 Camp Campbell

 Elizabeth City

 Mount Mitchell

 Summer Camp

 Glen Maury Park

 Washington DC

 Camp Durant

 Camp Charles
 We camped with a group of Webelos from Pack 314. We launched the rockets that were built at the last troop meeting and did some climbing on the rock wall. Please also note our weather scorecard. This year was a new record for good weather. Let's hope it holds out for the Christmas tree sale.

Despite the rain on Saturday, we were able to do our 25 mile bike ride. It was a little chilly, but that 4 miles up the trail sure warmed you up quickly. If anyone figures out how to get that mud stripe completely out of the clothes, please let everyone know. 

Original trip to bear Island was cancelled due to damage done by Hurricane Ophelia.

A big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Reid for their hospitality and I think the vote was unanimous that Mr. Poole really does make the best flounder in the world.

Even though we had some rain, we were able to camp beside and swim in a beautiful river. The hiking was good and the temperatures were cool.

Since most of the troop was able to make it to camp, our next court of honor will be quite busy.

The weather held out and everyone made it down the river, more or less intact.

We spent both nights at Bolling Air Force Base. The weather was perfect and the Cherry Blossoms were in bloom. We spent the day on the mall and saw the Air and Space Museum, the WWII memorial, the Lincoln memorial, and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

We also retired a very large American Flag. Pictures should be available soon. We were also pleased to be joined by a guest Assistant Scout Master from Jolly Old England.

we were at Camp Charles doing our Junior Leadership Training.