2007 - 2008

Troop Activites spanning the years 2007 - 2008


Troop Activities

Year Date Location Description
2008  11/14 - 11/16

 10/24 - 10/26

 09/19 - 09/21

 06/29 - 07/05

 06/13 - 06/15

 05/09 - 05/11

 04/18 - 04/20

 03/14 - 03/16

 02/15 - 02/17

 01/12 - 01/13
 Camp Durant with Webelos 

 Camping Fall Camporee

 Outer Banks

 Summer Camp

 Rolling Rock

 Whitewater Rafting

 Camp Reeves/Durant


Camp Campbell

 Camping Harris Lake

 Eno River State Park
Camping with the Webelos.

Shinleaf campground, Falls Lake.

We had a good time camping at the Oregon Inlet. Our campsite was on the beach, and it was very windy. It rained most of Friday night, and pretty much stopped Saturday morning. We saw a great rainbow Saturday morning. During the day we visited a marina and went to Jockeys Ridge. We also launched water rockets and played football.(MB)

The troop had a good week at Summer Camp this year. We went to Camp Powahatn in Hiawassee Virginia. The troop was scattered amoung the various programs offered at the camp. Everyone enjoyed themselves and troop won several awards.

This was our freebe trip to Rolling View at Falls Lake. Since summer camp is a week later than usual, we had time to do this campout in June. The storms blew in on Saturday late afternoon and brought a fair amount of rain on Saurday night.

White water rafting.

We had a full day of climbing at Camp Reeves. The climbing tower was actually the one at Camp Durant. We had a morning climbing session, ate lunch in the parking lot and went back for more in the afternoon. We also had several challengers for the record fast climb up the wall, but each fell a little short.
As is quickly becoming a tradition, we were able to get in quite a bit of football once we got back to Reeves.

Even though the scoreboard shows rain for this trip, it was not a total washout. We used our trip to Camp Campbell to get in a short hike. There was also plenty of time to play some football.

We used our trip to Harris Lake to practice some wilderness survival skills that we have been discussing during the last few troop meetings. Everyone, either individually or as a group, built and slept in their own shelter. The shelters were each unique in their own way but it is probably a good thing that it didn't rain.
We also performed a service project, picking up trash along the lake shore and even had some time left to play frisbee golf.

We enjoyed our trip to the Eno River State Park. Our depature time was early on Saturday, since the gates closed so early on Friday night. We were still able to get in some work on rank advancement, pioneering, and took a hike. Although not officially a 'backpacking trip', each scout was responsible for his own food.

Troop Activities

Year Date Location Description
2007  11/09 - 11/11

 10/12 - 10/14

 09/12 - 09/23

 08/17 - 08/19

 07/22 - 07/24

 06/24 - 06/30

 05/18 - 05/20

 04/13 - 04/14

 03/9 - 03/11

 02/9 - 02/11

 01/12 - 01/14
 Upstead Park

 Huntington Beach Park

 Uwharrie National Forest

 Pamlico Sea Base


 Mount Rogers

 Camp Durant

 Tuckaseegee River

 Camp Raven Knob

 Camp Agape

 Jordan Lake

 BW Wells
We ended our whole year of good weather with our trip to Umstead State Park. Our project was to build a monkey bridge and it turned out quite well. According to a few anonymous reports, it could hold quite a lot of weight.
We hope that the Webelos from Pack 314 enjoyed their day with us.

We had another perfect weekend for camping at Huntington Beach State Park. There are a few small advantages to a drought, and I guess me might as well enjoy them while we can.
It was quite a battle with the raccoons, and even though we were outnumbered and lost a few skirmishes with the trash, we managed to save all our food.

We used our trip to Yates Place in the Uwharrie National Forest to work on our backpacking skills and rank advancement. The weekend was a good learning experience for the younger scouts, and an eight mile hike, will definitely reinforce the concept of not overpacking on a backpacking trip.

Thank You to Reggie and Jesse, our host and teacher at Pamlico Sea Base who made our trip there on  a very memorable one. The food, facilities, equipment, and weather were excellent and a good time was had by all. If there ever was a contest for a camp with a "million dollar view", this one would be near the top of the list.
Ten scouts got a partial on the sailing merit badge. Who knows, we may have to adopt the song that says "come sail away, come sail away with me" as our new troop song.

The troop had a great weekend backpacking to the top of Mt. Rogers. We camped Friday night at Grayson Highlands State Park, and then packed our gear for the hike to the top of Mt. Rogers where we spent Saturday night. We stopped to play with the horses on the way -- and yes, they bite if you tease them! The weather was perfect, and even a little chilly for July making it a fun night around the campfire. The views along the trail were amazing, and the boys had fun cooking their own meals and purifying water from the spring. Everyone voted to definitely go back again!

Summer Camp, Camp Durant. We were back at Durant this year. It was a hot week, but then again, it is North Carolina in the summer. There was a some rain during the week, mostly at night, with the biggest impact on the OA ceremony and the closing camp fire, but overall, it was a good week. Everyone made good progress on rank advancements and merit badges.

We had a very nice trip down the Tuckaseegee River. Several of the boats were more adept at finding the rocks in the river than the others, but everyone, at some point, got to practice their 'getting the boat off the rock' technique. One scout did a fine job removing his boat, only to see it and his partner get quickly washed downstream. Then we got to practice our 'middle of the river, stuck on a rock, rescue' technique.

As it turns out, we got our turn on the climbing tower at Camp Raven Knob after all. The trip was cut short because of high wind and flood warnings in the area. Even though we came back on Saturday night, it was a full day between the climbing and hiking to the knob.

We had a great time at Camp Agape' in Harnett County. The morning was spent on the first part of our service project. We removed an unused piece of trail and relocated the border rocks, mulch and a bridge to another part of the trail. We also cleaned up some residual damage from a fallen tree. In the afternoon we gathered some additional rocks for trail borders. We then rewarded ourselves with some spirited vollyball games on a very nice sand volleyball court.

We definitely picked a cold weekend for our campout at Vista Point State Park (Jordan Lake). The morning was spent on a service project, cleaning up the shore line around the camp ground. The afternoon involved a touch football game. The plan was to play capture the flag after dark, but no one wanted to get too far away from the camp fire.

Congratulations to the Viking Patrol, who, after a slow start, captured the Scouting Skills competition at the campout at BW Wells Campground, Falls Lake. Since the competition was so spirited, I'm sure the other patrols will get a chance to redeem themselves at a future camp out.