2009 - 2010

Troop Activites spanning the years 2009 - 2010


Troop Activities

Year Date Location Description
 11/12 - 11/14

 10/08 - 10/10

 09/17 - 09/19

 08/13 - 08/15

 07/16 - 07/18

 06/20 - 06/26

 05/14 - 05/16

 04/16 - 04/18

 03/12 - 03/14

 02/12 - 02/14

 01/15 - 01/17
 Camp Durant with Webelos

 Camp Reeves - Camporee

 Camp Boddie Sea Base

 Camp Belk/Whitewater Center


 Elizabeth City

 Summer Camp

 Camp Reeves

 Camp Campbell

 Camp Durant

 Camp Tuscarora

 Camp Charles
We worked on the Tracking MB with Mr. Jones's brother. The Webelos joined us. 

We went to the Charlotte Whitewater Center where we encountered numerous class I, II, III and a class IV rapid. Only casulaty was Justin's tooth.

Our annual trip.

It was a hot and sunny week at Camp Boddie, after starting with A little rain on the first night. Over 20 boys attended camp this year, most of whom were 1st or 2nd year scouts. The home-made slip-&-slide was a big hit. It would seem that the consensus is that we will return to Camp Boddie for at least a campout and perhaps for another summer camp.

We worked on solar energy with Mr. Jennings.

Camp Tuscarora (Sports). Snow doesn't really count as rain, as long as the tents stay dry. The ranger was kind enough to let us set up in the winter area of camp, which means we could pitch our tents in the adirondack shelters. The heavy wet snow would have made it difficult to stay dry. The sports theme mostly got washed out. The basketball court was clear enough to play on. A snowball fight was a good substitute for everything else.
We stopped at the Bentonville Battlefield on Sunday morning. It is sad to think that many of the casualties in that battle were not much older than the boys in the troop.

The weather held out much better than expected for our trip to Camp Charles. The rain came at night on Saturday after holding off during day.

Troop Activities

Year Date Location Description
2009  11/13 - 11/15

 10/09 - 10/11

 09/18 - 09/20

 08/14 - 08/16

 07/10 - 07/12

 06/25 - 07/01

 05/08 - 05/10

 04/16 - 04/18

 03/13 - 03/15

 02/13 - 02/15

 01/10 - 01/12
 Camp Durant with Webelos

 Camp Reeves

 Camp Campbell

 Mount Rogers

 Elizabeth City

 Summer Camp

 Virginia Creeper

 Camp Durant

 Camp Tuscarora

 Camp Tuscorara

 Harris Lake
Another beautiful November weekend at Camp Durant for our annual camping with the WEBELOS campout. Some leaders may still be recovering from the kick-ball game.

District Camporee.

Wilderness survival. The younger scouts built huts and spent the night in them. 

Backpacking trip, the younger scouts took the short way up, the older scouts went the long way around.

Thank You to Mr & Mrs Reid for allowing us to make another trip to Elizabeth City. This has always been everyone's favorite trip and we were thrilled to get to do it again. We even had pretty good alumni participation.

We had a geat week for summer camp at Camp Durant. We had one of the new sites, near the end of the lake. The weather cooperated and the temperatures were reasonable considering this is Carthage NC in June.

The sites along the Virginia Creeper trail in the spring are a liitle different than those we usually see in the fall. We didn't have the fall colors, but we did have the bright green leaves of spring and the full creeks from all the rain. The monsoon did stop at strategic times however, so we were able to set up camp and do most of the bike riding during a break in the rain.

Saturday was as good as it gets at Camp Durant in April. The new Dragon patrol did a great job on the 5 mile hike. In the afternoon, the Dragons got their Tote'N' Chip class and everyone else learned how to make a very interesting back pack stove.

Camp Tuscarora (Sports). Since we were doing sports as the theme for this trip and since everyone got a good look at the campground on last month's trip, we decided to go back. It's a good thing that we did, since the rain washed out most of the sports opportunities, except for basketball.

Camp Tuscarora (Junior Leadership Training). This was the first trip to Camp Tuscarora for everyone in the troop except the long-time leaders. Everyone enjoyed the trip and the great facilities.