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Grocery Card Program

How do you pay for Scouting without "paying" for Scouting?

Grocery Card Program Summary

** The Grocery Card Program is changing with respect to Kroger **

Purchase grocery gift cards either of these 2 local grocery stores and earn credits to your scouts Troop 314 account.  Buy groceries as you normally do, just pay with the gift card(s).
  • Use the credits generated by this program to pay for scout related expenses such as registration/dues, summer camp, activity/camping fees (not grub money), Eagle COH ceremonies, etc. 
  • If your scout changes Troop that has this program, your credits will transfer.  If it does not run this program, the funds can be designated to another scout or they will be transferred to the general fund of Troop 314
  • A grocery card statement will be sent out periodically to the families that are participating in the program. Please see the link below for explanations of exactly what the grocery card money can be used for, when statements will be sent and what the format of the statements are.
             Grocery Card Statements

Sample Earnings

If you purchase $75 / week at Lowes in 12 months, you would have $234 in credits
If you purchase $100 / week at Food Lion in 12 months, you would have $260 in credits.

Earn more if you bundle your general gift card purchases and groceries, and purchase $150 week at any of the 2 stores, you will earn $390 - $468 in credits.  

Grocery Card Contact

Please contact Yvette Medina ( or (919) 807-9280 to either request more information about the grocery card program or to arrange for her to bring grocery cards to the next Troop meeting. 
Just click on her e-mail address above and send her an order.