General camping information:
  • A Troop permission form is required for every camping trip - No Form = No Trip
    Permission forms are attached to each sign-up genius.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend the campouts, you are not expected to be an ASM, but general help is appreciated.
  • Campouts only work if Scouts sign up and we have parental involvement to get the to and from camping trips,
    You dont have to drive for every campout, but consider offering your services for at least 2 per calendar year.

Upcoming Camping Trip

November 10th - 12th        Camp Durant

This will be the annual campout with the Webelos of Pack 314.
It is important that we have a good showing from the Scouts so that the Webelos have a good experience.
This also gives their parents a good opportunity to see how the Troop operates and can ask any questions in a relaxed environment.

John Jones will be leading a GPS and Orienteering activity

First class requirement 2: “Using a map and a compass, complete an orienteering course that covers at least one mile and requires measuring the height and/or width of designated items (tree, tower, canyon, ditch, etc.)”

 If your scout is working on his second or first class rank requirements then he can participate in an orienteering course and earn requirement 2 by signing up for, and participating in, the Troop’s November campout. A compass is the sole required supply, preferably BSA:

 A GPS course will also be set up.

 As a bonus; firewood chopping and fire building will be thrown in for free!

Additional information for Camp Durant - Camp Durant


Future Camping Trips
January 12th - 14th        Wintergreen - Ski Trip

This has been a well attended event for the boys, we have now made this a 2 day event to avoid the extremely long and exhausting day for Scouts and Adults.
The goal is to try to leave early on Friday, approximately 3-3:30pm (Early leave from School would need to be considered).
Scouts would be on the slopes Saturday and we would have extended lift passes into that evening,
Everyone would get a good night sleep and return Sunday.

Additional information for Wintergreen - Wintergreen



Camping Schedule for 2017-2018

Month Camping Location Information
January  Camp Tuscarora
 01/13 - 01/15
February  Skiing - Wintergreen 
 02/18 - 02/19
 Camp Reeves
 03/10 - 03/12
 Wilderness Survival
 Camp Campbell
 04/21 - 04/23
 Merchants Millpond State Park
 05/12 - 05/14
June  Summer Camp
 06/18 - 06/24
 Camp Shenandoah, Virginia
July  Shinleaf
 07/21 - 07/22
August  Pittman property
 08/11 - 08/13
September  New River State Park
 09/15 - 09/17
 Hiking and Backpacking.
October  Jeffries Farm
 10/13 - 10/15
November  Camp Durant
 11/10 - 11/12
 Webelos II - Magnolia 
December  No Camping   Christmas Tree fundraiser
January  Skiing - Wintergreen
 01/12 - 01/14
February  tbd 
 02/18 - 02/19
 03/10 - 03/12

 New River State Park
 04/13 - 04/15
 Canoeing / Tubing
 Virginia Creeper
 05/18 - 05/20
June  Summer Camp
 06/18 - 06/24
 Camp Durant, Carthage, NC
 July Smith Creek in Oriental NC
 07/20 - 07/22
 Small Boat Sailing
 August tbd 
 September Mt. Rogers Backpacking
 October tbd 
 November Camp Durant
 Webelos II
 December No Camping Christmas Tree fundraiser