Next Camping Trip - 

September 15th - 17th

New River State Park

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Physical Address: 
358 New River State Park Rd, Laurel Springs, NC 

It is about 200 miles to the campground, taking 3 1/4  hours to travel there.
Please plan to meet at the Scout Shed by 6pm sharp to ensure an on-time departure.

When we arrive at the campground, we will have a short 1,250 ft walk into our actual campsite.   Our tents will be clustered in a 50X60 ft cleared area.

On Saturday morning our troop will divide up based on age and hiking ability, and will have a car ride to where the different groups of scouts will spend the day backpacking.  We will be planning our meals accordingly.  At the end of Saturday, we will reconvene back at our New River campsite.




Camping Schedule for 2017

Month Camping Location Information
January  Camp Tuscarora
 01/13 - 01/15
February  Skiing - Wintergreen 
 02/18 - 02/19
 Camp Reeves
 03/10 - 03/12
 Wilderness Survival
 Camp Campbell
 04/21 - 04/23
 Merchants Millpond State Park
 05/12 - 05/14
June  Summer Camp
 06/18 - 06/24
 Camp Shenandoah, Virginia
July  Shinleaf
 07/21 - 07/22
August  Pittman property
 08/11 - 08/13
September  New River State Park
 09/15 - 09/17
 Hiking and Backpacking.
October  Jeffries Farm
 10/13 - 10/15
November  Camp Durant
 11/10 - 11/12
 Webelos II - Magnolia 
December  No Camping