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Camp Durant Summer Camp


Summer Camp 2018

Camp Durant

June 17th, 2018 - June 23rd 2018  

General Information

 Camp Durant is the primary summer camping facility of the Occoneechee Council. Operating a full-service summer camp during the months of June, July and August. Camp Durant has fourteen campsites, each divided into two sides. Each campsite also has a shower house, complete with three hot/cold showers and three flushing toilets. These shower houses also allow for electric power during summer camp. The entire camp has also been wired with fiber optic cables, which allows for both wired and wireless high speed internet connections.

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Medical Services

EVERY Scout and adult who attends camp MUST have an annual health history completed prior to attending camp.

Youth members and adults must have Parts A, B & C compelted, which requires a phsical examination by a physician within the last 12 months.

Camp Durant will not allow participation without these forms in complete order.

Cost of Summer Camp

  $320 per Scout

  $550 for Summit High Adventure
  (MUST be 13 AND Frequent Camper)
In addition Scouts will need $40-$60 spending money for the week.

Payment Schedule

 05/01/2018     Full Payment from Scouts

 06/01/2018      Balance due to the Council

Refund Policy

Upto June 1st, ALL fees are refundable
After June 2nd, fees are NOT Refundable, unless there are extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the Scout.

A refund request MUST be filled out.
Refund checks will be issued within 30 days of the end of our Summer Camp week.

Summer Camp Roster

 <Not yet available>

Trailblazer Program

This is for First Year Campers 

This program focuses more on the basic Scouting Skills.
The Scouts will work on requirements for the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class & First Class.
The Scouts will NOT complete all the requirements, which is perfectly fine.
The Scouts will work on the First Aid Merit Badge.

Items required:
o Boy Scout Handbook
o Water Bottle
o Compass
o Personal First Aid Kit
o Notebook
o Pen or Pencil

Contacting your Son while at Camp

 Camp Durant phone numbers
    (919) 872-4884  (Council Office before June 1st)
    (910) 948-2382 (Camp Durant Office during camp only)

Send e-mail to
Include Scout's Name and Troop Number in the Subject Line.
Text e-mails only (no pictures).
They will be delivered twice a day (before lunch and before evening meal)

    Scout’s Name
    Troop #
    Camp Durant
    4637 Old Carthage Road
    Carthage, NC 28327

Nearest Hospital to Camp

Camp Durant promotional videos

     click to view video (~9mins)

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Sign-up for Summer Camp

 Click on the Sign-Up Genius button below to sign up fro Summer Camp. 
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Merit Badge Information

Online Registration will begin on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 at 9:00am 
We NEED to be ready for this.  

Some Merit Badges cannot be fully completed at camp and  require work either before or after camp.
Please ensure that you have read the information in the Merit Badge Pamphlets

<Not yet available> 

Specialty Programs

ATV Training Course
This is being offered for 2 Scout age groups

Group 1: 14 - 15 year old   Class size: 4  (2 sessions AM & PM) 
Group 2: 16 year old          Class size: 4  (2 sessions AM & PM) 

There is also a height and weight requirement for Group 1

The Summit Trek
This is a special High Adventure Program and is limited to 13 Scouts per week.
Participants will check into to Camp Durant on Sunday and will be in a Trek staging area fro the night.
The Trek leaves Monday morning and will retrun from Beckley, West Virginia Friday morning.

Activities include:
o 1,400 foot Zip Line
o Canopy Tours
o Clibing walls
o Mountain & BMX bikes
o Shooting ranges
o Aquatic events
o White Water Rafting 

Scouts MUST be 13 years old and MUST have camp experience.