Service Projects


Service Projects for 2020

Service Project Date Additional Details
 CPO 01/18/2020Catholic Parish Outreach - 9:30 am - 1pm
 Scout Sunday 02/09/2020St. Raphael Church - 9:30 am Mass
Pinewood Derby/
    Blue & Gold Dinner
 02/15/2020St. Raphael - Ignatius Hall
 CPO 04/18/2020 Catholic Parish Outreach - 9:30 am - 1pm
CPO 07/18/2020
Catholic Parish Outreach - 9:30 am - 1pm
 CPO 10/17/2020 Catholic Parish Outreach - 9:30 am - 1pm





01/19/2019Catholic Parish Outreach - 9:30 am - 1pm
 St Raphael Lenten Dinners Fridays
3/15 to 4/5    
 Assist with Lenten Dinners 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
 CPO  04/27/19

  Catholic Parish Outreach - 9:30 am - 1pm
 Miracle League Baseball 5/4/19 North Wake Miracle League Field 10;45-1:30
 Memorial Day Events5/25 & 5/26      Place Flags & Wreath Laying ceremony at Raleigh National Cemetery
 CPO  07/20/19
  Catholic Parish Outreach - 9:30 am - 1pm 

Miracle League Baseball 10/5/19 North Wake Miracle League Field 10:45 am - 1:30 pm
 CPO  10/19/19
   Catholic Parish Outreach - 9:30 am - 1pm






Tracking Service Hours

As part of achieving the Journey to Excellence award each year, part of the responsibility of the Service Committee is to record the service hours performed by the Troop in Good Turn for America.
Click Good Turn for America to go to their website and record hours.
(Note: This should only be done by the Service Committee)

Community Service Guidelines

There has been numerous discussions as to what is considered a Community Service project and what is not considered a Community Service project.
Click the link to view the Community Service Guidelines for Troop 314.

If you have Service Hours that you would like to be recorded, please send an e-mail to the Service Chair  at: Mary Schricker