Next Troop Committee Meeting

Tuesday May 14th 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Room 109 - St Raphael Parish Hall.

Agenda will be e-mailed to the Committee closer to the time. If you would like anything to be added then, please email Kim McLellan ASAP. 

Committee Minutes


Committee Minutes

Year Minutes
 2019March 20 2019 (Agenda)
January 8, 2019
November 13, 2018
 2017 November 14th 
 September 20
 January 10th (cancelled)
 July 19th
 May 3rd (Cancelled)
 March 15th 
 January 25th (budget n/a online)
2013  October 30th
 August 21st
 June 12th
 April 17th
 February 20th
 June 13th (none) 
 April 18th 
 February 15th
 December 15th  (not available)
2009  December 10th
 October 14th
 August 6th
 June 3rd
 April 8th
 January 17th

"What does the Troop Committee do?"

  • Ensures that quality adult leadership is recruited and trained. In case the Scoutmaster is absent, a qualified assistant Scoutmaster is assigned. If the Scoutmaster is unable to serve, a replacement is recruited. 
  • Provides adequate meeting facilities. 
  • Advises the Scoutmaster on policies relating to Boy Scouting and the chartered organization. 
  • Supports leaders in carrying out the program. 
  • Is responsible for finances, adequate funds, and disbursements in line with the approved budget plan. 
  • Obtains, maintains, and properly cares for Troop property. 
  • Ensures the Troop has an outdoor program (minimum 10 days and nights per year). 
  • Serves on boards of review (BOR) and courts of honor (COH). 
  • Supports the Scoutmaster in working with individual boys and problems that may affect the overall program. 
  • Provides for the special needs and assistance some boys may require. 
  • Helps with the Friends of Scouting campaign. 
  • Assists the Scoutmaster with handling boy behavioral problems.
There is no maximum limit to the number of Troop Committee members. The minimum number is three adults ages 21 or older.
To find out more about the varoius Troop Committee Roles click on the following link.