Patrol Leader's Council


Like all Boy Scout Troops,  Troop 314 is a Scout-led organization.  The Patrol Leader's Council (PLC) is the troop’s elected governing body that is responsible for creating the annual troop plan and then implementing that plan throughout the year. The goal of the PLC is to make the troop's Scouting program fun and rewarding. 

Click HERE to learn more about the duties & responsibilities of the Scout leadership positions.

The PLC consists of:

If a Patrol Leader cannot attend, the Assistant Patrol Leader should attend in his place.  It is the Patrol Leader’s responsibility to coordinate with the Assistant Patrol Leader if the Patrol Leader will be absent. 

 If any other member of the PLC cannot attend, he should coordinate with SPL to ensure the member's responsibilities are covered.

Charlie Stamatio

Trey Messier

Liam Sparzak


Nirupan Pathmanathan


Kyle Waite


Christopher Fuerst


Finnegan Parsons


Sorupan Pathmanathan


Manoj Nithianandarajah


Michael Childers


Joseph Panaccione


Daniel Panaccione

Authusan Sutharshan

Zachary Solloway

Gus Stamatio

Dominic Caccamo

Clement Rodts

Thor Ziobro